César Delgado

"But the vocal standout was Cesar Delgado as Rinuccio. His generous, lustrous tenor lost no breadth or warmth on top, and his committed, energetic acting made him the unlikely engine of the action. "
Opera News, .


“Could César Delgado be the next big Opera discovery? After hearing his recital at Mannes this afternoon, celebrating his being awarded a Professional Artists Diploma, we consider him a strong front-runner”.

Voce di Meche.

 “the voices in this production made up for it. In particular, tenor, César Delgado, delivered a rendition of “De este apacible rincón” that rivaled that of Plácido Domingo!”. 



"Cesar Delgado sang “Je Veux Encore Entendre” from Verdi’s Jerusalem with a flexible tenor bright color. Delgado negotiated the elaborate terrain of this aria with a fine cadenza and high note at the finale. He has a pleasing plangent tone with a voice that can surprise and oblige".

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Opera Index Gala Winners 2015.